Late Shree Ram Lal Golchha, Founder Chairman, Golchha Organization

A man of indomitable spirit, ceaseless

Retina Clinic


Retinal diseases vary widely - some are common and easily remedied, while others are rare, more difficult to diagnose and require more complex treatment. People with retinal diseases experience an array of symptoms, from specks floating in their vision to blurred or lost vision. The most common diseases handled in the clinic are diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachments or tears,  and retinitis pigmentosa.

Currently we have almost all services of Medical retina .This clinic is run by our experienced Medical retina fellow.In future we have plan to start surgical retina service.The following services of Medical Retina is  currently available:

      1)      Diagnosis of  all medical and surgical retinal problems

      2)   Special care of Diabetic retinaopathy patients

      3)      Ultrasound B Scan

      4)      Intravitreal avastin and Tricort  Injection

      5)      Lasers therapy ( Panretinal Photocoagulation,Focal ,Grid Laser,Barrage Laser)

      6)      FFA and OCT ( in near future)


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