Late Shree Ram Lal Golchha, Founder Chairman, Golchha Organization

A man of indomitable spirit, ceaseless

Paediatric Clinic


Children’s eye care services (Paediatric ophthalmology services)  is unique in providing comprehensive services to all children aged below 16 years.

The clinic is dedicated to the development of special techniques for examining and treating children's eye diseases. The most common childhood eye diseases treated in this clinic are refractive errors, amblyopia, congenital cataract, genetic eye diseases  and other major and minor procedures.


The hospital receives large number of children afflicted with the blindness at its Out Patient Department (OPD) from far distant zones of Nepal and  India.

"A child's eye is not merely a smaller version of an adult eye" and the causes of childhood blindness are equally different from adult blindness. Hence, the strategies that are effective against adult blindness need to be modified in order to combat blindness in children


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