Late Shree Ram Lal Golchha, Founder Chairman, Golchha Organization

A man of indomitable spirit, ceaseless

News & Events:

Current activities:
Updated: 2069 – 2070 F/S Statistics of Ram Lal Golchha Eye Hospital Foundation

Past activities:
Diabetes Screening Camp 12-30 Nov 2013:- Free check up for diabetic patients

Exposure visit by MGMT Team:- Hetauda Community Eye Hospital, Hetauda & Shree Janaki Eye Hospital, Janakpur

Diabetes Day Program 26 Mangsir, 2070

Jointly organized by RLGEHF, Sri Hospital-Biratnagar, Diabetes Care Club-Biratnagar & LCI Biratnagar Central

CVS Workshop:- at Nabil Bank, Biratnagar on 25 Nov 2013

Community Screening Camp at Itahari:- In cooperation with Nepal Yatayat Majdoor Sangh, Itahari; Supported by FHF — at Itahari.

Screening Camp at Itahari with Nepal Yatayat Majdoor Sangh 24 Nov. 2013:- Eye care training for traditional healers and female child health workers

Eye Camps schedule:
2070 Baishakh 5, 6 and 7
at Dumre of Khotang with LC of Biratnagar active

2070 Baishakh 9, 10 and 11
at Kharpa of Khotang with LC of Biratnagar active

2070 Baishakh 27 and 28
at Sukrabare of Tehrathum with LC of Biratnagar active

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