Late Shree Ram Lal Golchha, Founder Chairman, Golchha Organization

A man of indomitable spirit, ceaseless


Ram Lal Golchha Eye Hospital Foundation (RLGEHF) was established in 19 A.D. as the first eye hospital outside Kathmandu valley with the missionary zeal to serve the blind and the poor as a new development in the battle to prevent and treat curable blindness. It is located in Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan city in south east Nepal which is considered as second largest city after Kathmandu. The hospital has completed. Its 29 years of selfless service in the eye care to the people of the eastern region of Nepal and neighboring states of India as well. The motto of the hospital is to provide free treatment to needy patients ensuring quality care at reasonable cost.

Started as an eighteen bedded, it was extended to 50 bedded from 13th Kartik, 2046 B.S. and now has the capacity of 100 beds. Since 1196 A.D. surgeries with Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) implantation is performed in almost all cataract surgeries/. From December 2003, suture less technique named Phaco Emulsification widely known as manual Phaco Technique Small Incision cataract Surgery is also being performed.

After successful completion of 24 years as Ram Lal Golchha Netra Chikitshalya, in the year 2007 the newly instutionalized Ram Lal Golchha Eye Hospital Foundation (RLGEHF) a public trust, reflects the commitment of the founder organization in finding new way to reduce the burden of the "Nepal Blindness" in Nepal.

The eye hospital was founded by Late Karamveer Ram Lal Golchha, the pioneer industrialist, noted philanthropist and social reformer who dreamt of bringing happiness to the Nepalese people.

In the late sixties Ram Lal Golchha himself had already got the cataract of his left eyes removed in Calcutta, India. Later again he had gone to Calcutta to get cataract of his second eye removed from the same doctor in the late seventies. The doctor asked him, "Is it not troublesome and cost entailing to come all the way here from Biratnagar just for this small operation and don't you have a hospital in Biratnagar?" He got a rude shock while he medicated,

on the plight of the poor people in the Terai who were cursed by unnecessary blindness just for the want of the hospital.

There were two pieces of prime land belonging to the Golchha family in the Goshwara Road, Biratnagar. One he gave to the adjoining Adarsha Vidhyalaya and another was still unused. Since long he was thinking to establish some welfare institution there, this episode made him immediately decide to build an eye hospital in Biratnagar. Appreciating the idea Dr. Ram Prasad Pokharel assured of all possible assistance for the purpose through his newly founded Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangha (NNJS).

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